niedziela, 10 grudnia 2017

Once again my project is in Beading Polska magazine

In latest Beading Polska magazine You can find my tutorial for below bracelet:

I'm planning in January to open new beading workshop group in Warsaw.
If You are interested then contact me directly and more details I would send You via mail.

sobota, 21 października 2017

Infinity Beads

I know that I haven't write any post for a loger time. Well, sometimes I'm out of any ideas, additionally it was holiday time and I prefered spending my time outside my workshop.
Anyway, recently I had an opportunity to test new shape of beads --> Infinity. It looks like infinity math sign (so it's so obvious why). It looks as if two beads were combine together.
At firts this shape is strange but while working with it You can see how many possibilities it gives, how You could make some patterns eassier.
The scale of colors is very limited (at least in place where I supply in).
See my first design below:

Design by Ergane.
Beading tutorial for those earring is avaliable on (

wtorek, 11 lipca 2017

My project on Bead&Button magazine :)

I'm very happy and surpriced that my project is on the cover of Bead&Button magazine (August 2017 edition). It's my first publication in Bead&Button and hopefully not last.

I would love to see that project made by You. So if You bead and decide to make those earrings please share below this post photos of Your beadwork. :)

niedziela, 2 kwietnia 2017

My Beading Classes/ Moje Warsztaty Koralikowe

I'm very proud of girls from my First Edition of Beading Workshops for Beginners. I know how difficult is to begin without any support from advanced Beader. It took me quite a lot of time to discover everything by myself.
Those girls had no experience, and their first project was made with my support. On each classes I teach them one stich and we made one project based on my tutorial.
Yesterday we had our fourth meeting, on which girls had to bring all projects they beaded since our last workshops. I'm presenting it to You:

Jestem bardzo dumna z dziewczyn z mojej Pierwszej Edycji Warszatów dla Początkujących. Pamiętam jak było mi ciężko zacząć bez wsparcia doświadczonej  osoby koralikującej, która by mnie pokierowała, wprowadziła w koralikowy świat. Dużo czasu zajęło mi odkrywanie wszystkiego na własną rękę.
Dziewczyny z tej edycji, swoją pierwszą koralikową bransoletkę wykonały przy moim wsparciu. Na każdych zajęciach wprowadzam jeden ścieg koralikowania, który wykorzystujemy do wykonania projektu w trakcie warsztatów.
Wczoraj odbyły się nasze czwarte warsztaty, na które przyniosły prace jakie wykonały od ostatniego naszego spotkania. Oto one:

środa, 29 marca 2017

Coral pink

Last week I came back to my work. First days everybody was asking how do I feel and what did I do during such long sick leave. It was tempting me to say:


...but I don't think anybody would understand. ;)
Well, I had to make something with all that time.

I read few good books, one I can honestly recommand: "Pilgrim" written by Terry Hayes.

poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017

My favorite day of the Year

Recently I had to stay home for a longer time, which was caused by an accident that I had. Let's say a bad luck. Anyway I'll be fine. ;)
My friends are amazing. Even though I always knew that, they still manage to surprise me.
There is a special day in Poland, my favorite one in the year, called "tłusty czwartek". Each year it is on Thursday, this year it ws on 23rd Ferbruary. In that day You must eat a donut, two, or few. :) The queues to bakeries are always long in that day. Usually kinds receive donut at schools and for adults companies organize some also. And me? I was home and dreamt of one, walking to bakery was out of question. I wrote on my FB that I would love one. My friends saw it and here is how they surprised me:
- bought few and brought me home
- ordered taxi and gave it to a taxi driver to bring it to me 
- sent by fast courier
- sent daughter to bring me some
- ordered few by phone with home delivery

 At the end of the day I had around 16 donuts. It made my whole week then! :)

It gave me power and motivation to create and design! :)

środa, 15 marca 2017

Flower Earrings/ Kwiciste kolczyki

It's still cold outside. I wish it was spring already! Spring gives hope and wakes us up. In that time we are ready to take an action. Soon I will start next turn of beading workshops for beginners.
Meanwhile  I can give spring accent to my outfit by wearing flower earrings. Which one do You prefer?

Ciągle chłodno na zewnątrz. Tęsknie za wiosną! Wiosna daje nam nadzieję i budzi do życia. Wówczas zazwyczaj podejmujemy się nowych wyzwań. Właśnie na wiosnę planuje kolejną edycje warsztatów koralikowych dla początkujących (tylko dla dorosłych).
Proponuje wiosenny akcent w naszej biżuterii - kwiaty. Które kolczyki podobają się Tobie najbardziej?

 Design: Ergane Beading

Projekt: Ergane Beading

Tutorials for those earrings You can find on my etsy (search for Ergane Beading).